Mister Rogers Quotation Quest

A journey of clues in the neighborhood.

A walking activity for the whole family.

Enjoy this activity on June 7, 2023 from 4:00-7:00 pm.

Go on a quest to locate some of Mister Rogers’ famous quotes for the chance to win a special Latrobe Merchant Prize Basket! Visit the merchants listed below, record the quote found at each location, and bring your quote sheet to Latrobe Art Center by 7:00 p.m on June 7th when your quest is complete to receive tickets for your chance to win!
(4 quotes = 1 ticket, 6 quotes = 2 tickets, & Completed Sheet = 3 tickets)

1. Get Started

Print the worksheet below or use your smartphone.

2. Use the map to chart your course.

Follow the trail using the map to see where the stops are located around downtown.

3. Find the quote at each location.

Travel to each location and locate the quote.

4. Fill in the quote on your worksheet.

Use the online or paper worksheet to record the quote. Collect all the quotes and return to the Latrobe Art Center.

5. Return to the Latrobe Art Center.

When you reach the end, turn in your worksheet or show your confirmation email at the Latrobe Art Center by 7:00 pm to be entered into the prize drawing.

Play online using your smartphone.
Print out the map and worksheet to play with pen and paper.