Daniel Tiger Storybook Walk

A journey of clues in the neighborhood.

A walking activity for the whole family.

On June 3-8, 2024, follow along the storybook as you tour downtown Latrobe gathering clues. At the end, a special prize awaits you.

1. Start at Adams Memorial Library

Print the worksheet below or use your smartphone to play. Park at or near the library to start your journey.

2. Use the Storybook Map to chart your course.

Follow the trail using the Storybook Map to see where the stops are located around downtown.

3. Find the clue on the storybook pages at each location.

Locate the book pages at each location. Read the storybook pages to find the code-word.

4. Fill in the code-word on your worksheet.

Use the online or paper worksheet to record the code-word. Collect all the code-words and return to the library.

5. Return to Adams Memorial Library for a prize.

When you reach the end, turn in your worksheet or show your confirmation email at the Adams Memorial Library (On Friday, June 7th ONLY at the Latrobe Art Center) to receive a special prize (while supplies last).

Play online using your smartphone.
Print out the map and worksheet to play with pen and paper.