About Latrobe

The neighborhood history.

Notable Latrobe

Air Mail

On May 12, 1939, Latrobe Airport became the first pickup of the non-stop air mail service of the United States Postal Service.


The Professional Football Hall of Fame recognizes the 1897 Latrobe Athletic Association team as the first all-professional team to play a full season.

Arnold Palmer

Latrobe is the birthplace of famed golfer, Arnold Palmer. His contributions to the game of golf and the city of Latrobe are too many to count. The country club and the airport are named after him.

Fred Rogers

Fred lived in Latrobe as a boy. He went on to start one of the most successful children’s television programs ever. Much of his television neighborhood was inspired by his time in Latrobe.

Historical photos courtesy of Latrobe Historical Society.

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Fred Rogers was the creator of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood as well as the host of all 895 episodes, the composer of its more than 200 songs, and the puppeteer who imagined 14 characters into being. More importantly, he changed the face of children’s television and transformed the way we think about the inner lives of young children. 

Read more about the show at misterrogers.org.

I’d like to be remembered for being a compassionate human being who happened to be fortunate enough to be born at a time when there was a fabulous thing called television that could allow me to use all the talents that I had been given.